Assembly Tools.

When you assemble with Retreatify, you gain access to helpful online tools built specifically to make retreat, event & meeting planning seamless. All for free!

The Checklist.

The Checklist is a free event planning management tool you can use to keep track of to-dos in the pre-event, during-event and post-event phases.

Plan & Organize

Create your own checklist to keep everything in order and help you stay on top of all the different components of your retreat or event.


Add, edit, or delete any of your To-Do's and complete your planning tasks quickly and efficiently.

Access Anytime, anywhere

Save your To-Do's for each retreat or event in one place for easy access anytime, anywhere.

The Agenda Builder.

The Agenda Builder is an upcoming free event planning management tool you can use to break down each day of your retreat, meeting or event.


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