Checklist For Planning Your Corporate Retreat or Event

When planning your corporate retreat or event, there are several moving pieces…






1. Goals & Objectives

 – What’s your goal outcome / purpose of your retreat or event? 

– How many people will be attending?

– Where do you want to host your retreat or event?



2. Budget

– Put together a rough budget what you’ll be working with to plan and execute your retreat or event.

– Review past retreats & events and the type of budget that was worked it.



3. Theme & Format

– Does your theme and forma fit your goals & objectives?

– Select a theme that will resonate with your employees.



4. Location, Venue, and Vendors 

– Find the Geography that best fits your retreat or event.

– How many people will be attending?

– Does the venue fit all your needs to your retreat or event?

– Are there any limitations with your venue? (i.e offsite catering, offsite decor rental)

– Are there local vendors you can rely on? 



5. Date

– Select an optimal date along with a back up date


6. Accommodations

– If overnight accommodations are required


7. Food + Drink Options


8. Activities


9. Speakers / Entertainment


10. Transportation


11. Decor rental / Event Services


– Have a contingency plan in place


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