First, let us quickly take you behind the scenes of how we became the freshest name in corporate retreats & events.

In May 2018...

We launched Retreatify to prove that planning authentic, custom corporate retreats can be done quickly and affordably.

After 100’s of retreats, recognition from The Globe & Mail680 News and Next Home, our customers kept coming back seeking help with larger events, meetings and offsites.

To serve our growing demand, we created a new central hub that matches corporate groups with the highest quality venues and vendors across Ontario.

We partner with unique venues and vendors that share our vision:
Bring fresh ideas to life for modern employees that value inspiring shared experiences.

A seismic shift in the Canadian workforce is underway.
We position our partners for the next 10 years, not the last 10.

1 %

of the Canadian workforce will be Millenials by 2025

1 %

of Millenial employees would rather spend on experiences than a desired material item

$ 1

in annual salary Millenial employees are willing to sacrifice for the guarantee of a happier life

Who Do We Put Our Partners In Front Of?

We’ve quickly established ourselves as a fresh, premiere brand in the industry and

work with hundreds of Ontario’s top companies & organizations, including:

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How Partner Membership Works

As a Retreatify-approved partner you’ll get your own customizable Digital Showcase to highlight the best of your unique venue or service. 

Corporate clients can book with you directly without giving up any commissions or landmark fees. Vendors simply pay a monthly membership to be part of the Retreatify network. 

If you typically work with commission or landmark fees, we offer discounted memberships through our Assembled Deals program.

We give you the flexibility to choose the structure that best suits your business’ needs. 

1 %

of our customers prefer to reach out directly to vendors/venues

1 %

of our customers prefer to reach out directly to us for help assembling several components of their function

We’ve built 2 sides to our platform to accommodate 100% of our customers.

What Makes Corporate Clients So Valuable?​

The Multiplier Effect

Anyone planning an event will usually have several other events throughout the year, so each new customer can lead to multiple future opportunities down the line.

The Network Effect

Within each company are often dozens of departments and planners, so when they're impressed by a service, product or experience, they spread the word internally - often like wildfire.

Speed Prioritization

As they're usually on tight deadlines which require quick turnaround, corporate inquiries will typically take up less of your time than non-corporate inquiries.

Year-Round Consistency

Events, retreats, meetings & offsites happen year-round and are planned year-round, so there is never a "down" time to be in front of those tasked with planning.

Weekday Business

While some functions are certainly held on weekends, corporate clients bring a unique advantage to those looking for more business on weekdays.

Exciting New Partner Perk

We’ve recently partnered with Duuo (by The Co-operators) to give our partners a fast, convenient, and affordable way to offer event insurance to guests when needed.

Duuo specializes in direct, online insurance for short-term needs and are at the forefront of innovative insurance solutions that embrace our rapidly-evolving experience economy.


If you have an amazing venue, product, or service that could appeal to corporate groups planning either small or large events, retreats, meetings, offsites or other experiences, you’ll fit in nicely!

We can have you up and running in as quick as 15 minutes! You can add information from the dashboard yourself or we can help if needed. We’re here to help get your Showcase up as quick as possible.

We offer simple, affordable pricing with no upfront payment, setup charges or hidden fees. Commissions are only taken on transactions that we have a hand in assembling. When customers reach out to you directly on your Showcase, the profits are all yours!

Yes! For clients that are looking for dedicated planning help, we’re always looking to partner with the best planners around.

What our partners say about us...

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