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With the unfortunate spread of COVID 19 taking centre stage around the world, organizations are quickly adopting remote work plans and hosting virtual gatherings to help maintain communication, productivity, and team relationships.

Retreatify’s Virtual Activity & Workshop providers offer unique, engaging, and interactive experiences to keep teams connected even while apart.

what we do
We help forward-thinking organizations grow through innovative offsite experiences.

We know how hard it can be to plan an invigorating retreat, event or meeting when you’re already busy with your day to day. We built Retreatify to give you a reliable, dynamic partner in helping make your vision of unifying your team both achievable and affordable.

We’ll save you an average of 7.5 hours by taking care of all vendor communication & negotiation and presenting you with only high-quality options at the best rates.

We carefully select who we recommend to our clients and are in constant pursuit of only the top 10% of venues & vendors within each location we serve. We define the top 10% as those committed to high-quality service, treat our clients with respect and deliver on promises made.

You’ll get the ultimate peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable team behind you from beginning to end. We’ll be there to help every step of the way including ideation, itinerary planning, sourcing, internal approvals and post-event follow-up.

From our Trending page to our Ideas to our Instagram, you’ll find a constant source of inspiring ideas that will help you stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, once we get to know a bit about what you’re looking for, we have hundreds of tried & true ideas we’ve successfully brought to life with past clients.

Inspiring Corporate Retreat, Event & Meeting Venues

Designed for anyone organizing an offsite experience.

We built Retreatify by listening to, and working with organizers of various experience levels: from event planners with years of experience to first-timers that were volun-told to organize.

We know your role often comes with high expectations and a constant pulling in different directions. Our ultimate goal is to help you craft a truly memorable experience that will make you feel appreciated by your direct report(s) and co-workers. 

We’ll help you pre, during and post, including ideation, budget management, vendor sourcing, securing internal approvals, itinerary building and changes along the way (even last-minute).

We’ve already worked with hundreds of Admins & EAs, each with their own unique preferences, so we’ve developed a wide range of solutions that can be customized to a highly dynamic set of needs.

Retreatify was initially built for admins, EAs & planners, but early on several CEOs & executives reached out directly for new ideas to elevate the employee experience that would also showcase their company culture in a compelling light.

The more we’ve partnered with CEOs & executives on this front, the more we’ve understood how to curate deeply impactful, ROI-based solutions around highly specific requirements.

Along with one-off functions (even last-minute), we can help you easily plan a full year’s worth of retreats, events and meetings in a way that can give you the greatest combined return on investment in your most important asset – your employees.

For a company that was built on connecting employees in unique and interesting ways within safe, respectful environments, we’re very in tune to the challenges of your role in bringing people together while staying within the confines of company policy.

We’ll work with you to craft experiences catered to your specific limits that will help increase employee satisfaction, engagement and retention levels.

We can even be used as a valuable resource and partner in helping you develop company-wide guidelines and processes around offsite retreats, events and meetings.

Whether you’re looking to show appreciation for your hard working team, boost morale, strengthen connections, or be inspired by a unique meeting space for your first Innovation Day, we help make it all possible in minutes not hours.

Choose from proven out-of-the-box experiences or let us customize around the distinct personality of your team.

No matter what type of team outing you’re looking for, we’ll help you craft an authentic, memorable experience while staying within your budget.

We’re not here to replace you, we’re here to help you. We built Retreatify to bring multiple points of value for internal event planners .

Our role is flexible so no matter how small or large the event is, we can help you fill in just one piece of the puzzle or more.

We bring to the table only high-quality options for you to choose from, and can serve as your ears to the ground by constantly discovering fresh new ideas and experiences across Ontario.

We know you’re in a unique position where you may not be a part of the day-to-day but do have a vested interest in improving the organizations you work with.

We’ll make sure to listen closely to the dynamic nature of your situation, and come up with imaginative, high-quality experiences that require minimal effort from your end.

Feeling like an out-of-office experience will get the creative juices flowing for you and your co-workers? You may not be the decision-maker, but we can equip you with the tools, ideas and fully-baked proposals to help you get the internal buy-in you’re looking for.

We have concrete data you can use to strengthen your case internally that illustrates the many beneficial impacts a high-quality bonding experience can have on your team.

Best of all, we can make it all come to life for you quickly, affordably and with no experience necessary.

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