Live Virtual Activities & Workshops

Just like in-person functions, the engagement rates of virtual gatherings can be brought to the next level with interactive activities and workshops.

From the comfort of their own homes, employees can participate in customized workshops led by TED speakers, yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, wine connoisseurs, leadership facilitators and more.

From 10 minute energy-boosting sessions to immersive multi-day workshops, these activities not only maintain productivity and team dynamics, but also provide groups with an opportunity for social interaction to eliminate the sense of isolation while working remotely.

Enjoy a highly curated selection of virtual activity & workshop providers that specialize in keeping your team connected, energized and inspired while working remotely!

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With the unfortunate spread of COVID-19 taking centre stage globally, organizations are quickly adopting remote work plans help maintain communication, productivity, and team chemistry.

For those feeling disconnected from their peers in these trying times, virtual meetings and events present the opportunity to foster a sense of cohesiveness.

Participants from any region can come together using live video and audio to brainstorm ideas, learn new skills, have in depth discussions, and preserve productivity.

A major benefit of virtual meetings and events is their ability to be budget friendly. With no venue or catering required, overhead costs are kept to a minimum while travel costs are non-existent.

Some companies have reservations when it comes to using video conferencing and live streaming, often associating them with one-sided conversations that lack engagement, participation, and personal connection. However, with today’s ever-growing technological advances, virtual meetings and events can be extremely interactive and appealing. 

Fun Team Building Activities

Keep Up Productivity

Creativity Boosters

Trivia, Puzzles & Hunts

Stay Mentally & Physically Healthy

Under 60 Minutes

Half-Day Workshops


By combining multiple virtual activities and workshops, remote teams can curate a well-rounded day spent developing skills, elevating team dynamics, and boosting morale as a cohesive group.

Here’s a sample itinerary to inspire your next virtual day!

Virtual Communication Day

Led by Artichoke Art, Creativity For Innovation warms up the mind so you can start the day on the right foot.

Take a break from your screen to grab a coffee!

Take advantage of Jan Keck’s “Deeply Connected Teams” Workshop to develop a strong foundation of communication skills by blending fun activities with facilitated conversations.

Take a mid-day break to grab lunch and complete any personal tasks.

MentorU’s in depth workshop teaches advanced communication skills by exploring how our personal values shape our thoughts and the importance of empathy and respect for effective communication.

After a longer workshop, give your team time to reflect, grab a snack, and regroup for the last leg of the day.

End off the day with a fun, interactive activity like Blackout Flair Entertainment’s Mixology & Flair Workshop that will leave your group with positive vibes and a boost of energy.

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Many virtual meeting and event platforms available offer subscription-based pricing with tiers that include varying levels of attendee limits and added features.

These platforms typically offer a free option, however there may be restrictions on the number of attendees you have and length of the session.


Since virtual activities and workshops live online, participants should have a strong internet connection to ensure minimal disruption. They will also may be required to have access to a webcam and audio (internal or external speakers and microphone) so that they can see, hear and speak to fellow attendees, hosts, and facilitators.

It is courteous to assume that not everyone is tech saavy or experienced with video conferencing. To help your participants feel comfortable, we suggest sending out the meeting and login details in advance so that attendees can download whichever platform is needed, confirm they have any required equipment, and try connecting to the meeting without any pressure. This will also ensure everyone can connect on time for a punctual start.

Like any activity or workshop dealing with technology, internet, and equipment, technical difficulties can arise. Whether it be uploading presentations to a Google Drive in case you have trouble screen sharing, or assigning someone to assist with technical difficulties, it is helpful to anticipate what trouble you may experience and have a plan in place.

Since virtual activities and workshops can expand the reach of your audience to other regions and countries, you may have participants joining who are based in different time zones. If you are working with multiple times zones, it is thoughtful to choose start and end times that are reasonable for all attendees.

With no one physically around to hold them accountable, participants can sometimes be distracted by their surroundings. To help manage the engagement of attendees, we suggest creating a short list of expectations for your gathering, such as no multitasking or no texting, and communicating it in advance to ensure everyone understands what is respectful.

Just like in-person meetings and events, it helps to have a well-planned agenda to ensure your group stays on track and time is used efficiently. With some virtual meeting platforms often enforcing time restrictions based on your subscription tier, an agenda also helps to work within those limits.

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