Offering #1
AFTERMATH: A viral outbreak of unknown origin has led to unspeakable horrors in the urban centres. As the military isolate the contagion and work to restore order, your groups finds itself remote, but isolated outside of the quarantined zone. You are required to assist other survivors in recovering a child who went missing in the aftermath of the outbreak, while ensuring group safety and survival.
Introduction to ground searches, Introduction to map and compass, Wilderness leadership, Patient recovery and first aid, Signaling
Offering #2
SURVIVOR: Your team is a group of survivors recovering from a plane crash or similar remote disaster. You need to acquire skills and engineer the means of communicating to the outside world, then staying alive two days and one night, enduring the elements until help can arrive.
Introduction to team-building, Leadership training, Rescue camp-craft, Shelter-building, Fire-starting, Meal prep, First aid, Ground air signals, Survival psychology, Navigation to rescue site


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