Offering #1
Onsite Yoga Classes
Guide your team to a deep state of relaxation and cohesiveness with an artfully crafted yoga class onsite at your retreat location or on location in our indoor or outdoor studios in Muskoka. We offer a team of instructors trained in a variety of yoga styles that ensures a high level of professionalism, reliability, and care for your team.
Offering #3
Mobile Retreat Packages
Offering #2
Onsite Meditation Classes
Elevate the consciousness and creativity of your team with a customized meditation practice designed to elevate a range of beginner to advanced meditators. We can guide your team to use meditation to uncover solutions to business problems, reach new heights of creativity, or simply relax into their own confidence and peace. We will come to your office or retreat location.
Offering #4
Intuitive Readings & Workshops
Experience the insight that accompanies an enhanced intuition by booking private readings for your retreat or allow us to teach you how to open your own intuitive channels! Everyone is capable of doing it! Our readings and workshops can be delivered onsite at your event or at our retreat center in Muskoka.


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